To ensure our customers get maximum value for money when filling their skips, we recommend taking extra time to prepare your rubbish to make maximum use of the space. By folding down cardboard boxes, cutting tree branches, breaking down larger items like furniture you reduce the amount of empty voids in the skip allowing more rubbish to be disposed of.

Your safety and the safety of our staff is important to us, therefore the following guidelines must be observed.

  • Do not overfill the skip — items must not be placed above the rim. If the skip is overfilled or items are protruding from the skip, this may make it difficult to lift the skip onto the truck safely. We reserve the right to unload the excess rubbish to a safe and acceptable level. For more information on our policies relating to the use and care of our skips please refer to our “Terms & Conditions“.
  • Skip Bins are not to be relocated after they have been placed on your property.
    Relocation of the skip bin could result in access problems for collecting the skip.
  • We will endevour to place the skip in the position you require, however if access is restricted and an alternate position cannot be established, we cannot be held liable for any damage to your property.
  • Guidelines for skip use are clearly displayed on all of our skip bins.

Skip Bin Council Permits

If you wish to place your bin on a nature strip. road or public property, a Skip Bin Permit will be required from your local council.  Pronto Skips can arrange this at an additional cost.  For more information please see below links.